Why Neighborhood Revival

  • 24 hour maintenance support with qualified contractors to resolve all issues that arise
  • Revival Homes are located in areas with easy access to great city amenities
  • Partnerships with service providers to add value to your stay
  • We offer discounted rent to first responders

Robust Online Tenant Portal

  • View Financial Transactions
  • Submit non-emergency maintenance requests
  • Make payments online (Transaction fees: Direct Deposit: $1.95 / Credit Card: $30)
  • Contact directory
  • View important messages and announcements

Your Responsibilities

  • Pest Control
  • Landscaping
  • Preventative Maintenance like air filters, batteries, and light bulbs
  • Plumbing: minor issues like clogged drains and covering exterior pipes in the winter
  • Utilities: Residents are responsible for utilities. Please visit www.simplebills.com for more information on our utility services
  • Winterizing your home
  • Gas concerns please call the local utility immediately
  • Replacing lost keys or locking yourself out of your unit  

Our Responsibilities

  • Emergencies: Leaks that can cause property damage, No functioning toilets in the house, Sewage backups or sewage on premises, Water issues like no water, dirty water, or no hot water, No heat in cold weather (under 45F), No AC in hot weather (over 95F), Security and safety issues, Cars blocked in by broken community gates, Electrical outages (not caused by the power company), Loss of power to medical equipment
  • Utilities: Leaking or bust water pipes
  • Heating and cooling issues. Tenant is responsible for maintaining clean unit and filters
  • Security: Repairing doors, windows, and door locks that are not functioning
  • Structural problems, rotting wood, leaks, storm damage
  • Gas concerns. Please call the local utility company and then make us aware
  • Roof leaks
  • Appliances
  • Electrical problems not caused by the local utility company
  • Landscaping such as fallen trees / limbs / or broken fences not caused by tenant damage